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Important News from IBM

End of service for z/OS V1.6 was September 30, 2007. We encourage you to move to z/OS V1.7 or z/OS V1.8 now! If you're on z/OS V1.4, z/OS V1.7 is the last release you can migrate to in a single step. If you're on z/OS V1.5 or z/OS V1.6, z/OS V1.8 is the last release you can migrate to in a single step.


Don't Panic - We can Help

We provide contracting and consulting services focused on planning for, installing, customizing, testing, and implementing Z/OS and software that runs on the Z/OS and OS/390 operating system.

Our staff has extensive experience installing and working with JES2, SERVERPAC and CBPDO, DFSMS, VTAM, NCP, TCP/IP, DB2, CICS, IMS, OPENEDITION, plus a multitude of OEM/ISV products and subsystems.


We offer bid estimates for specific work, by the hour or by the project.

We plan for, order, and install and/or maintain Z/OS capable software.

You may notice we did not say customize or implement software. The customization and implementation of some software is impossible without effort on your part. We will work with your staff to prepare a detailed project plan which includes all phases of work necessary to migrate the software to production and we will be available for any necessary support.

Our hands on experience with Z/OS and OS/390 implementation and planning can help provide you a software solution.


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